ul. Pocztowa 17 87-321 Bartniczka         +48 882 666 794


   ul. Pocztowa 17 87-321 Bartniczka         +48 882 666 794


PPUHW WERON Piotr Sobiech specialises in manufacturing of welded steel, aluminium, and acid-resistant structures ranging from small items such as brackets, holders, clamping, through components of mechanisms and devices such as frames, scoops of heavy-operation equipment, to supporting structures for advertisements or floor and roof trusses. We work in compliance with an ISO PN EN 9001 quality management system, which has been implemented and is constantly developed in our company. The certificates we hold substantiate our qualifications as well as the manufacturing and implementation capabilities.

In order to comply with the requirements of our current and future customers, our company constantly implements new manufacturing technologies and expands the stock of machine tools with new machinery and equipment capable of meeting the expectations of even the most demanding of customers. The certificates we have been awarded impose on us an obligation to monitor the manufacturing processes on a regular basis so as to maintain a high quality of our products. We employ highly-qualified technical and manufacturing personnel. Our technical office is competent to implement the most innovative constructional and technological ideas. Regardless of that, we complete orders based on the documents provided or relying on documents modified to suit customer’s needs and requirements. Our philosophy is to maximise customers’ satisfaction so that they always return to us. Owing to the welding certificates we hold, we take on highly-specialised orders such as:

  • Component parts for the structures of rail cars, trams and busses: finning – framework, shock absorber brackets, supports of the rail car components (fittings), cowcatchers, accessories such as junction boxes, etc.,
  • Component parts of heavy-operation machinery: frames, loader scoops, supports, jibs, etc.,
  • Component parts of large-size outdoor advertisements: advert frameworks, load-bearing pillars, outside frames, etc.,
  • Component parts for furniture industry: brackets, housings, fixing elements, etc.,
  • Parts for automotive industry: fasteners, mounting bands, etc.,
  • Formed parts and other elements (bending brake),
  • Stainless steel (acid resistant) welded, aluminium parts,
  • and other items.

Our company is open to cooperation, provision of services and completion of other ordered projects. Our welding plant has the highest CL1 certification level according to  EN  15085-2 standard (Welding of railway vehicles and components). The projects completed for the railways  rely also on the certificate awarded to our company for the compliance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2 standard (Welding of steel structures with special regard to railway industry).

Our welding inspectors and welding quality control personnel have their qualifications certified at the Polish Welding Centre of Excellence in Gliwice:

Chief Welder – IWE (International Welding Engineer);
Welding inspectors – VT2; PT2 (visual inspection and penetrant testing – level 2);
Our greatest advantages include a short reaction time to the needs of our customers and the ability to deal with them efficiently and effectively.

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowo-Handlowo-Wdrożeniowe
"Weron" Piotr Sobiech

Grążawy 62B, 87-321 Bartniczka, Poland
Tax Id No. 874-160-17-83 

D-U-N-S 422690499

Production plant No. 1:
ul. Pocztowa 17
87-321 Bartniczka, Poland 


Production plant No. 2:

ul. Wiejska 26

87-300 Brodnica, Poland


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